The face of hunger is the older couple who has worked hard for their entire lives, only to find their savings wiped out by unavoidable medical bills; or a single mother who has to choose whether to the salary from her minimum wage job will go to buy food or pay the rent; or the child who struggles to concentrate on his schoolwork because his family simply couldn’t afford dinner the night before. 

It is no secret that recent years have taken a toll on many families.  Due to the economic situation in our country, the number of layoffs in our community alone, rising cost of food, energy, and other necessities continue to make it more and more difficult for lower income families to make ends meet; and the truth is, many do not.  The good news is, there’s something being done – right now – to end the plagues of poverty and hunger in our community.

Last year (2014) we distributed 9,947 boxes of groceries (consisting of frozen meats, dairy products, fresh produce, and shelf-stable items) to needy families in Martinsville and Henry County. 



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